• Preserve Investor Capital

  • We are responsible for each client’s experience from investment decision through return realization.

  • Generate compelling returns while qualifying taxable investors for Opportunity Zone Program tax benefits. Commercial real estate in distressed communities provides investors with opportunities to generate outsized returns without being exposed to excessive risk.

  • Working with residents to revitalize the “Low- and Moderate-Income (“LMI”) communities into which Bluestone Capital funds invests serves the communities, enhances investment returns, and reduces investment risk.

core values


The impetus behind our fund to deliver and execute our robust business goals in a responsible and transparent manner. Our fund structure is driven by investor needs. All fund fees are tied into execution and results. Until we perform, we don’t benefit.


We work together with communities and their municipal leaders to ensure their support in the areas in which we help develop, yielding meaning impact for stakeholders.


We adhere to the highest ethical standards in making the right decisions for our stakeholders and members of the community.